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What Makes The Healing Place Successful

By: Jay Davidson, Executive Chairman

The year 2020 was a year filled with successes and challenges. We will remember how we all had to change the way we live, play, and work. At The Healing Place, we had to make many adjustments to protect our clients and staff from COVID-19. We made changes to ensure that classes continued, 12-Step meetings continued, and that our detox units and overnight shelters remained open to help those in need. Not once did we have to close our doors during the pandemic, something for which I am incredibly proud.

The start of the new year is an excellent opportunity to use what we have learned during 2020 and get back to the basics of The Healing Place’s long-term residential social model of recovery. The Healing Place is a safe place for all individuals seeking help for addiction. Addicts and alcoholics who arrive at one of our facilities are welcomed with unconditional love and acceptance with no expectations. They will find a safe place to sleep, food, and clothing, as well as brothers and sisters to support them and guide them through the road to recovery.

Working their way through the 12-Step curriculum, our clients learn tools and principles of recovery reinforced by the role-modeling shown by their peers. The love and accountability our clients experience during their time at The Healing Place will prepare them for a meaningful and productive life of sobriety. As a fresh new wind blows through The Healing Place campuses, a new year of opportunity awaits. We are excited about the opportunities ahead, serving even more individuals seeking long-term recovery.

Three things make The Healing Place model unique. First, the long-term residential social model recovery program with an average length of stay of six to nine months is available to the addict and alcoholic at no cost to them. Research shows that long-term programs are very successful in helping alcoholics and addicts sustain recovery. Second, in our unique model, addicts and alcoholics confront each other in a loving and supportive way to help their peers see their character defects and shortcomings and share solutions. This occurs in a modified therapeutic community meeting three days a week. Finally, the essential component of the model is embracing spirituality in every aspect of daily activity at The Healing Place. This spirit binds staff and clients together to help each other achieve a meaningful and productive life.

There truly is no program like The Healing Place social model of recovery. I am proud of what we have accomplished over the past 31 years. I am honored to witness the change that happens in the lives of our clients every day.

If you or someone you know needs help for addiction to drugs or alcohol, please do not hesitate to call 502-585-4848 for help.

2 thoughts on “What Makes The Healing Place Successful”

  1. Joe Asbel says:

    I’m extremely in debt to The Healing Place for helping me see my character defects and helping me correct them as there are many . There is only one way i can repay that debt is to stay alcohol and drug free .Many thanks

  2. Janet Young says:

    I’m peer mentor at the women’s and the healing place is far beyond words… I’m so blessed for this new beginning and so grateful for this opportunity

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