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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have found inner peace and happiness. I found a way to deal with life’s ups and downs without having to use drugs or alcohol.

Around 15 years of drug abuse and tough love brought me to The Healing Place. In July 2012, I stood at my sister’s door begging for a meal and a shower and my brother-in-law dropped me off at detox. It took three tries for me to finally get out of my own way and complete the program. A sense of belonging and understanding brought me back the other two times. I knew The Healing Place had some answers that I desperately needed.

The Healing Place showed me how to live a sober life, but it gave me so much more than that. At The Healing Place, I learned how to be a man. It gave me confidence to take on responsibilities that I had ran from my entire life. The friendships I made there are the most rewarding ones I have ever had. It continues to give me a place that I can go back to and try to reach a hand out to someone who is starting out on the same path that I trudged down not so long ago.