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Since I’ve been in recovery, I have been through good times, as well as hard times. In the past two years, I’ve learned that recovery doesn’t take away the “bad days” – it just gives you the willingness and courage to face them and not resort back to old habits that’ll make things worse. At the end of the day, I see that what situations I call “bad” are just learning experiences and I can find peace in that, which is something I could never comprehend before recovery. I’ve faced a lot of fears I never thought I could. I’ve been learning more about myself every day. Since I’ve been in recovery, I have been thriving and gained so much non-materialistic things that I am so grateful for.

What brought me to The Healing Place I believe was my higher power, along with my last binge. It was my second attempt in one week to pick my son up from daycare during a 5pm black out drunk. This time, the police were called but by the grace of God, I wasn’t arrested. After seeing my meltdown at the daycare and later that night, a friend at the time dropped me off to detox. The universe had a spot for me the next morning in bed 14 in detox at The Healing Place. Everything worked out perfectly in an imperfect chaotic situation.

The Healing Place gave me an opportunity of a lifetime, to really be able to sit down and work on me. From my spirituality to my self-esteem. I was able to learn about myself in a safe environment and with a huge support group to help me along the way. I know some people can do outpatient. Some can do 30 days inpatient. But I needed more time and less outside distractions. I knew if I was to get custody back of my son any sooner than I did (More than a year after I arrived at The Healing Place), or start working and being concerned about bills and housing during my process, I was sure to have gone back to my old ways of thinking and end up losing my sobriety date as well as the internal and external gifts that came with it. A new life. It wasn’t until I completed the 12 steps, worked in the office as a peer mentor, and stayed within the safe walls of The Healing Place before everything outside started falling into place. It’s a blessing to have a facility like The Healing Place –  a place to set a sturdy foundation in recovery for people like myself who are willing to do whatever is suggested of you, one day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time. The Healing Place helped me begin my new life.