Meaningful and Worth Doing - The Healing Place of New Hanover County Meaningful and Worth Doing - The Healing Place of New Hanover County

Meaningful and Worth Doing

By: Jackie Brown, Men's Detox Monitor

The detox units at The Healing Place provide a safe place for those in our community who are addicted and need help in coming off of drugs and/or alcohol. For some, it is quite simply that – a safe environment in which to stabilize. For many others, including myself, our detox can be the new beginning that we once thought was impossible to achieve. It can be a turning point with the ability to provide an introduction, or reintroduction, to hope.

Working in detox has provided me with many experiences that I hold very dear. While every day provides a unique set of challenges, every single day is a day well spent. I am consistently rewarded with a connection to people that is unapologetically human. This human connection is what stands out above all else as the most gratifying element of my job.

For better or for worse, I get to meet our clients exactly as they are when they arrive. As someone often arrives uncertain and full of emotion, I am also given the opportunity to ensure that every client feels welcome and comfortable at The Healing Place. Simply getting to know, listen to, or reassure someone else can be the highlight of my day. To watch the uncertainty fade and the raw emotion settle, to watch a person realize they are understood and surrounded by people just like themselves, to see someone take those initial steps in a worthwhile direction provides a fulfillment unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I wholeheartedly believe that the work we do in detox is meaningful and worth doing. It is, quite plainly, the people I get to interact with that make it so.

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out. Beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are provided at no cost to the client. At The Healing Place, you’ll find a warm bed, a hot meal, a sympathetic ear, and a new beginning. Call 502-585-4848 for more information.